Have a look at our simple and easy tips for making a smoother start to a new class !

  1. Meet with parents as soon as possible . They will have knowledge about their child’s likes and dislikes and will be able to provide some useful strategies.
  2. Talk to staff who previously worked with the child and make sure you read their file or any other information.
  3. Find out what the child enjoys e.g. trains , volcanoes , computers etc and use that as an incentive and way to engage to start off with.
  4. Remember to build a relationship of trust , respect and security as this will help if situations become sticky.
  5. Establish your routine and reasonable expectations as soon as possible . Use visuals to make this clear e.g. schedule , symbols, written word etc. Remember the child should have  “reasonable adjustments” made under equality law so any adjustments are not about “giving in ” , they are an entitlement as autism is considered a disability.

Remember that there is no substitute for high quality training on autism . If you are working 1:1 or with autistic children and young people on  regular basis we would advise a course such as our Level 3 or 4 Understanding and Good Practice with People with Autism to get the depth and expertise that will give you confidence and practical skills underpinned by evidence based theoretical knowledge and more !   Alternatively you may wish to attend one of our popular and practical day/half day courses. Take a look at what courses we have running this year on our Courses 2019/20 page.