Marie Johnson delivers a range of commissioned training in mental health and complex needs in educational settings via Sarah Houghton-Birrell and Associates . Topics that are starred * are also suitable for parent /carer and non-educational organisations. Please be aware that Marie’s diary is often full for many months ahead so we always advise booking well in advance to avoid disappointment. Commissioned training costs start from £200 and vary depending on the commission.



Topics for Commissioned Training 

Risk and Resilience and REC Models: Tools to help identify needs in our pupil population

A starting point to assessing needs of pupils and the impacts of the wider systems upon their mental health and the impacts on learning.

Understanding the Importance of Assessment and Multi-agency working

An overview of holistic assessment and planning to meet needs of pupils at risk of mental health issues and academic failure. Consideration of the benefits and down sides of multi-agency working.

Attachment Disorder and its Impact on Learning and Behaviour*

Understanding Attachment Theory and how it impacts a child’s ability to access learning and the effects on mental health and behaviour.

Pathological Demand Avoidance( PDA) as linked to Anxiety*

Understanding PDA and how it is linked to hyper-arousal and anxiety states.

Anxiety and Hyper arousal*

Understanding the Flight and Fight and Freeze responses and how these impact on learning.

Neuro-developmental Conditions*

Understanding Autism, ADHD and the common co-morbid( co-occurring) conditions. Consideration given to the similarities and the overlaps and how these may impact the individual in the classroom setting.

Autism Diagnosis Explained

An overview of the clinical diagnostic process; what information can schools contribute to the process and what behaviours to look for in the school setting. Helpful guidance for SENCo’s.

An Understanding of Autism in Females*

An over view of the female presentation of Autism and why diagnosis is often missed.

Autism and ADHD

Introduction to these conditions and some classroom strategies.

Understanding Depression, Self-Harm and Eating Disorders

Introduction to these conditions and the impacts on the individual

The above can be delivered face to face, in small or large groups or for whole school training.

Some of these can be delivered to individuals by distance learning.

Schools and other organisations are welcome to request bespoke training.

For more details please contact us via the Contact Form on this website.