I hope you will take some time to explore the website however some frequently asked questions are published below to save you time.

When do I advertise planned courses?
All courses for the year organised by me are advertised from the end of July each year at the latest and stay on the website until the course is full or has finished. I also advertise some courses on my Facebook Page so please “Like” my page to keep up to date with any developments. You can “Like “ my Facebook  page quickly and easily by scrolling down to the bottom of the Home Page where you will find a link to it.

Course places go quickly, and most courses are at capacity when they run although I do also offer a waiting list in case of cancellations or if you want to be informed when the course is next running.

Can I go on your database to be contacted directly about courses for the year?
Yes . I hold a secure database to send flyers or information out about courses a few times a year. These would go directly to your email inbox to save you checking back on the website or Facebook page. If you would like to go on my database, please use the Contact Form to let me know and I will add you. You can ask to be removed at anytime with no questions asked and I never spam or sell your details, in line with my privacy policy.

How do I book on a course?
You can book a place on the Courses 2019/20 page or contact me for a direct booking or expression of interest if you prefer. If I am delivering an open course for another organisation I provide details of the course and their contact details for you to book directly with them .

What if I can’t see a course I want?
Please use the Contact Form for your enquiry and I will respond within 7 working days at the latest. If you do not hear back from me in that timescale, please check your email junk or spam folders first then phone 01429275235 if you cannot find a reply. If there is enough demand for a course that is not advertised, I will keep names and details of those who enquire to contact them if I have availability to deliver it so please don’t hesitate to contact me with your request.

Who are the courses relevant for?
Unless a course is specifically described as being for a certain audience e.g. “Autism for education professionals”, I adapt the courses for whomever registers and they are relevant to professionals, family members, interested individuals and those from a variety of organisations. If you are unsure whether the course will be relevant to you, please check the description of the course or contact me to find out. I often run courses for family members through partnership organisations such as Parent Carer Forums and sometimes these are provided free of charge through the organisation. Once these are arranged, I will put the details on the website.

Do you charge for training , consultation and advice?
Yes. I receive no outside funding for my work e.g. Lottery Funding etc., in order that I can retain complete impartiality and work in a person centred way therefore I have to charge a fair rate for work that I do in order that my business is sustainable and I can continue to work independently to help individuals and organisations and be a part of societal change . As a self-employed consultant and trainer registered with HMRC I charge for my time and three decades of expertise, personal and professional experience and qualifications. These charges include not only my own payment but also the payments I am required to make for Tax, National Insurance, Enhanced DBS, my professional insurance and other costs that are an inherent part of delivering a safe, reliable, efficient service and modern business, which you would expect as a valued customer. Most of my profits go back into sustaining and developing the work I do and all the additional and unseen work and costs that are entailed e.g. course accreditation fees, certification, website operation fees etc. In addition I provide information for free on my website and Facebook page. I do provide pro bono work on occasion depending upon the circumstance , individual and organisation but prefer to offer that myself rather than be asked. If you have any queries please do contact me.

I do not charge for an initial enquiry via my Contact Form or a follow up phone call of up to half an hour if I need further details . I am unable to provide any more information following that initial enquiry until further arrangements for consultation or advice have been made. Please be aware that due to data protection laws which safeguard everyone involved I am unable to discuss specific named individuals over email however I can meet face to face or discuss over the phone/Skype once arrangements are in place.

If I am unable to help you I will try to direct you to organisations or individuals who may be able to and some of these can be seen on my Partnerships Page on this website.

Are you available for partnerships with other organisations?
I currently work with several organisations who contract me or purchase my time to provide consultation, advice and training on an ongoing basis. I am always happy to discuss partnership arrangements with organisations with a similar philosophy to my own. These ongoing arrangements are mutually beneficial and attract discounted rates to reflect that partnership. Please contact me if you wish to discuss further.